The Upper West Side Neighborhood Walking Tour
Architecture -- History -- Interesting Pictures and Stories

This Walking Tour Of the Upper West Side's Past and Present Features:

A Walk in "The West 71 St. Historic District," "The West End Collegiate Historic District" and "The Riverside Drive W. 80 St. - W. 81 St. Historic District" - Each participant is given an itinerary with 20 stops that include: 13 New York City landmarks and 7 national landmarks.
Also an optional extension through the "Riverside-West End Historic District" with an additional 10 stops including 8 New York landmarks and 4 national landmarks. All stops are fully discussed - You will see the Upper West Side and learn its history.

Some highlights of the 2 hour tour include:
  • Find out about the largest and most lavish mansion built in Manhattan. (Andrew Carnegie said "It makes mine look like a shack.")
  • Some highlights of the 3 hour tour include:

    About 3 hours without the extension or 4 hours with the extension or a short 2 hour version

    Meet at: the Southeast corner of West 70th Street and Broadway

    Escorted by Alfred Pommer an informative native New Yorker, a college graduate,author and a Licensed New York City Guide,
    who has spent over 27 years researching, creating and leading walking tours in Manhattan' many diverse neighborhoods.

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